About Us

Welcome to Archery Shooter Systems. Our page covers archery products we manufacture for many types of archery/gun shooting and bowhangers for storage and displays for retail. As archers ourselves we love to discuss archery too and have fun with it.

Why use the Hammer Hanger?

To protect your bow:

  • During practice sessions
  • At campsites, also can be used to hang lanterns, towels, clothing, binoculars, etc…
  • At tournaments
  • While ground blind hunting. Keep your bow up and ready – hands free – and keeps sharp arrows off of the ground.

Laying Your Bow Down Can:

  • Get dirt in the bearings and bushings of the cams or wheels, causing premature wear.
  • Cause someone to trip over, or step on your bow causing damage to the sights, limbs, cables, etc…
  • Getting sticks in your strings or cables can cause them to come off of the pulley which could cause damage to your bow, or worse yet, YOU!!
  • Chipped limbs from being laid down can lead to limb failure.

So, keep your bow off of the ground with the Hammer Bow Hanger.

Additional Features:

  • Easily fits into the back end of standard pick-up trucks
  • Great for practice sessions at hunting camps
  • Great for clubs that have to make new hangers or repair old ones every year
  • Prevents damaging trees and allows a course to be set up anywhere.


My mission is to keep moving forward with good customer service and products that help outdoors people have the good time they are looking for using them. We are continuing to come out with new products all the time